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Reservations and sales of ferry tickets start from the same day 2 months prior to the date of departure.

Please fill up the following form and click "Next" button after completion of the input.
If all the contents of the application are in order, please click “Send” button.
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Booking confirmation and instruction of the payment of the fares will follow by E-mail to your designated address.
(Any booking application arrives at our office beyond our working hours, e-mail for confirmation of the booking application will follow next working day.)

Our working hours,
09:00 - 17:00 (Mon.-Fri.) Saturday/Sunday/Holidays closed.

Passengers should have a valid visa in order to enter into China (except Chinese and Japanese citizen.)
Passengers do not need to have a Visa on booking application while it shall be obtained before embarkation, otherwise it is not allowed for embarkation.

For student discount fare, please select [Student] in the column of Fare Class.
An identification card for student shall be shown before purchasing the ticket.

For children discount fare (6years old or over and under 12years old), please select [Child] in the column of Fare Class.
Any child under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 21.

For discount fare for disabled, please select [Disabled] in the column of Fare Class.
An identification booklet shall be shown before purchasing the ticket.

If you are traveling with other passenger(s), or if you are traveling with infant(s) under 6 years of age not occupying a bed, please input number of other passenger(s) or infant(s) in the column of [Number of Traveling Companions] and input necessary information for each passenger(s) in the next page.
No need to input your information again in the next page.
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